Helpful Sleep Apps

Sleep apps work to help you fall asleep, stay asleep, and monitor your sleep patterns. Some of the sleep apps use methods like colors and images, calming music, and nature sounds to soothe you. Others use white noise, hypnotic techniques, and guided meditation imagery. 

The Apps


Headspace is packed with guided meditation and sleep casts which are 45 minute stories to help you fall asleep. Free and Premium versions available


With sleep stories, soothing music, and guided lessons on gentle movements that will relax the body, Calm could be the answer to better sleep. Free and Premium versions available.


Pillow is a sleep tracker for iOS that will automatically sense when you fall asleep so it can monitor your movements, record you so it can discover if you snore or sleep talk, and track your sleep stages. With the app, you can compare your most recent night's sleep to others to determine what's keeping you up.

Relax Melodies

With the Relax Melodies app, you can set sounds and meditations to play all night long or program them to turn off after a set amount of time, so you can drift into sleep and rest in silence.