Guide to Self Esteem



How you allow others to treat you is linked with Self Esteem, You deserve to be treated with respect and dignity at all times

Self Perception

Building an awareness of how you feel about yourself is an important step in building Self Esteem. Write down three things you like about yourself. Did you find that easy or difficult?

Self Talk

Listen to that inner voice. Is it harsh? Is it understanding and compassionate? Get a feel for how you treat yourself


We all have people that we do nice things for and that’s lovely but how often do you do nic things for yourself? Its the old oxygen mask scenario, you must put your mask on before you can help others. You are important and worthy.



Nobody is perfect, nobody. Trying to be is unrealistic and draining. Good times will happen, so will bad. Try your best not to compare yourself to others, you do you


When evaluating yourself and your situation it is helpful to always keep in your mind ‘What is in my control?’ Remember you cannot influence how others act, you are not responsible for how they treat you. When a problem arises write down two ways it can be resolved, if it can’t then accept it as a hardship that you are more than capable of dealing with. You are strong and have survived 100% of your bad days


Next time you think something of yourself, stop, think,
Replay what it was you said in your mind,
Now imagine that you said that sentence to a friend or loved one,
Would you say it? Was it Kind?
Tell yourself the message again, this time as you were talking to a friend


Who you surround yourself is very important. Limit your time with people who make you feel bad about yourself. Put boundaries around those that take from you without any return. You deserve to be happy and around those that make you feel happy. 

Don’t feel that you are alone. Explore our virtual hotel for more assistance around your mental wellbeing. Please also take a look at our emergency resources if you feel that you need immediate help.