Guide to deal with panic attacks



Remember that panic feelings are only normal reactions that are exaggerated.


Panic attacks are not harmful, and nothing worse will happen.


Notice what is happening in your body, stay in the present. Name one thing you can see, one thing you can hear and one thing you can feel.


Accept the feelings, let them run through you. Allowing the feelings rather than resisting means that they will subside more quickly.



Check in with your level of anxiety. 0 being the least and 10 being the worst, observe the level decreasing


Consciously relax your tense muscles. Do a body scan starting at the top of your head, running through each part of your body. Try to relax each part as you go. 


First Scan Your Body For Tension
Place on hand on your abdomen, one on your chest
Inhale deeply and slowly for a count of four
Exhale for a count of five
Continue to take long, slow, deep breaths


Don’t feel that you are alone. Explore our virtual hotel for more assistance around your mental wellbeing. Please also take a look at our emergency resources if you feel that you need immediate help.