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Psychological Wellbeing Consultancy 

Industry Standard, Profiling, Technology

Industry Standard

A Comprehensive Psychological Wellbeing Standard For Businesses And Organisations That Evidences Good Practice

Innovative Profiling

Add Insight Into The People In Your Organisation. Extensive And Accurate Profiling On Personality, Resiliance And Emotional Intelligence


Tech Solutions That Break Down The Barriers For Access To Mental Health Support. Consistent, Accessible And Cost Effective.

our mission

Breaking Barriers

We Aim To Change The Culture In Your Organisation. We Use Innovative Methods To Break Down The Barriers To Access To Mental Health Support.

our mission

Breaking Stigma

Cultivating An Environment Where Stigma Is Eradicated. Trusted, Positive, Person Centered Approach.

Everyone Loves Some Stats

How Many Billions of Pounds Better Mental Health Could Save UK Businesses 


Out Of 10, How Many People With A Mental Health Issue Face Stigma From Society

In Millions The Amount Of Work Days That Are Lost To Mental Health Issues Each Year

In Millions The Amount /of People Worldwide With Anxiety And Depression 

Meet Our Founders

John Duncan And Fifi Giannitto

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